my next adventure

How about a hiking trip with the visionary impressions and your own curiosity as the only guiding star? A tour leading up to mountain peaks and areas where national borders are irrelevant. To places where the crystal clear spring water in the high mountains occasionally is replaced by the salt water of the ocean.
My plan is to perform a speed hiking tour in Swedish Lapland, a distance hard to estimate, but roughly 700 - 800 km. Depending on terrain, and even more on undiscovered historical things that I may encounter, I estimate to cover 40 km each day.
The purpose with my project is to mimic the first settlers of the Lapland mountains. What routes did they take to get an overview of a possible place to live and work in? And of course another important ambition is to make an honest presentation of the magnificent landscape as it is, unlike the many cases where it is misused only as a decoration promoting something totally different  from what the mountains really should be.
For me it is a gorgeous environment hiding an exclusive adventure for everyone who really understand the place they are visiting. It is a place that can show itself as a dream in the sunshine, as well as it can be a place emphasizing the helplessness of man. 
With respect and understanding for this duality of the mountains, there are unlimited  of undiscovered adventures waiting every visitor.
With this in mind my choice of food is simple: I rely on the food that made it possible to walk the enormous distances necessary in those days, just to get a grasp of the territory they planned their future life in. A territory today considered to be the largest wilderness in Europe.
You could say that it will be a symbios between the latest modern and ancient knowledge.
The modern is needed for documentation. It will give people all over the world a possibility to follow me in real time. And more important, my family don´t have to worry as they can get in touch with me 
The ancient knowledge is necessary to make it in the first place.
Simply put, you could make it with only old knowledge, but there is no way you could make it with only modern technology.
However, the modern technology make it possible to bring an understanding for the possibilities.
For me the filmic documentation is an important part. The actual speed hiking tour of course, but also the many months of physical and mental preparations during winter and early summer to make me capable of fulfilling my dream now coming into reality..
No one could be more suited to operate the camera than Roland Pantze, the unique wilderness painter who all his life has considered the wilderness and the mountains to be his home. He has what it takes to create the atmosphere that reflect the feelings of the first visitors of these mountains,
as well as the hardships they had to endure
Something about me doing this ”hiking trip”: I have travelled by foot in the mountains for 45 years. In my past was a place for adventures and ultra- running. A  high light in my career was being appointed the adventurer of the year in 2006, after being the first swede to run from Kiruna to Malmö.
A total of 2040 km in 24 days. I have also finished  the legendary ultra race Sparthatlon twice, and the famous Tour Du Mont Blanc.
On top of that countless of other ultra races and trail races, so you could say that I am experienced in dealing with physical and mental challenges, but I must also say that if I had not my heritage from childhood, this project would still not be possible. 
Link to Roland Pantze: